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April 7, 2012
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Father!EnglandxMother!ReaderxChild!AmericaxChild!Canada Request~

Requested by TheMysteriousPoet

"Um.....mamma...mamma...scuse me mamma."

"hmm?" You awaken from your daydreaming. From just enjoying the blue sky and watching the clouds pass by. You look down to see a little child. Your little child with his beautiful light violet eyes and a very interesting curly strand hair, tug on your sleeves with his soft little fingers trying to politely get your attention. "Yes my petite Mathew?" You said softly.

Little Mathew's cheeks were turning a light pink. He never told you this, but he always loved it when you called him that. He couldn't figure out why, but it soothed him and your presence always seemed to make everything peaceful. Which was also one of the main reason why he loved you so much and glad that you were his mama. "Um...I just wanted to say thank you...for making me pancakes." He says looking down too embarrassed to look in your pretty [e/c] eyes, but didn't realize that he was still holding onto your sleeve fidgeting and getting even more redder from shyness.

"Oh Mathew." You say softly. You couldn't help it. Mathew was just too cute when he was in this state. You carefully pick him up and try to set him on your lap. Surprised by your actions he instinctively grabs onto your arms, fearing that he might actually fall.

Seeing the weary look on his face, you ever so carefully place him on your lap and wrap your arms around him. Slowly rocking him back and forth. Feeling the little warmth he had emanating from his tiny body.

You feel the tenseness that he once had, slowly goes away. He starts relaxing and becomes somewhat drowsy from being in your arms. Knowing that he was safe when he was with you.

He hears you whisper to him. "Your quite welcome my petite Mathew and I'll tell you what. As soon as your big enough. I'll teach you how to make pancakes. So that you can make them all by yourself. Would you like that?"

Mathew's little face lit up like the sun. "Re-Really mamma?!?" Still in disbelief that as soon as he's grown-up he could make the thin delicious cake all by himself.

Seeing the excitement on his face you only reply "Really my petite one."

Feeling the drowsiness comeback to him he slowly closes his eyes and grabs onto your clothes. Just to make that he would know that you were still there with him and wouldn't leave him alone. "I...would like that a lot mamma...merci." His breathing becomes even slower and you see that he has fallen asleep in your arms.

You give him a little kiss on his forehead. "No my little one. It is I who should be thanking you." You admire his adorableness a little longer before continuing to look back at the sky. Taking in your surrounding. Feeling the breeze brush past your face while toying with your [c/h] hair. Realizing the peace and serenity in your little garden.


"Come Right Back Over Here Alfred!!!! I should have been teaching you manners years ago!!!"

"Ahhh!!! Mommy! Mommy! Help Me! Big bad Iggy is going to get me!!!"

...Nothing ever stays peaceful and quiet for long in the Kirkland household.
You turn your head to see your other son run right of the house and into the garden, desperately searching for you. His only protection against the scary Iggy. "My little Alfie. What kind of mess did you get yourself into this time?"

"Ahh Mommy!" He cheerfully says hearing his little nickname you gave him, but didn't quite seem to hear the question you were asking him. "Mommy!! There you are!! You have to help me!! He's gonna get me! He's gonna get me!" The dirty blond child with shining, energetic blue eyes and a strange looking cowlick on his head says. He then quickly grabs onto one of your legs for dear life.

Still holding Mathew in one of your hands. You put your free hand on Alfred's little head and give him a small reassuring smile "Don't worry little Alfie. I won't let anything happen to you."

Alfred looks up at your face, then quickly turns away trying to hide his rosy cheeks. Whenever he couldn't be the hero and he was the one who needed saving he could always turn to you. His mommy.

Alfred turns back to you and lifts his arms, badly wanting to be picked up and be in your safe arms just as his little brother was.

Sensing what your elder son was requesting, you look at Mathew who has long since awoken from all the ruckus. Understanding that his older brother has yet again gotten himself into more trouble with daddy. Little Mathew gives you a small nod and slowly gets off your lap, allowing you to get up from the bench you were sitting on and be able to pick up little Alfie.

"Mommy!! Mommy!! Pick me up! Pick me up!" Getting excited that now it will be his turn to be in your loving arms.

"Yes, yes I will little Alfie, but before I do. You have to thank your little brother first."

" he doesn't....I don't mind." Little Mathew says behind you, while holding the ends of your light [f/c] dress.

Too late. Without a second thought Alfred runs up to Mathew and gives him a big strong bear hug (Or as strong as a little 4 year old could give). Appreciating the fact that his little brother did such a kind thing. "Thank you Mattie!"

"'s no pwoblem... she's your mamma to....pwease get off now."

You couldn't help but give out a small chuckle. This was by far one of the cutest things you have ever seen.

"Yep these two are definitely my sons."

"Ok Alfie. You can stop hugging your little brother now. I'll pick you up."

"YAY!" He joyfully says. Watching you kneel down so that you were leveled enough to safely pick him up, and not a minute too soon. Because guess who decided to show up? Well it was of course your not too happy husband Arthur.

Not only did he look infuriated, but his appearance....To put it gently, was horrible. You could see that his shaggy yellow sand hair was put off onto one side, like he was taking a nap. Underneath his thick eyebrows, his eyes were still a bit saggy, but that wasn't the worst of it. All covered throughout his face you faintly see strange little black markings. That pretty much summed up the reason as to why Alfred wanted to get as far away from daddy as possible and to quickly find you.

"Oh my Alfie. What on earth did you to poor Iggy."

"Wahh!! Mommy he wouldn't wake up!! And I was hungrie and bwored and....Ahhh Pwotect me!!!" Already feeling guilty for his actions. He burrows his face into your neck trying to avoid any eye contact from scary daddy.

"Ahh hah!" You hear Arthur shout "Trying to cower from me! Don't think for one second that there won't be any repercussions for this!!" He says pointing at his face.

"Oh wow! Just wow! Well now I understand why Arthur is so angry."

When Arthur was close enough to you. You were able to identify what was covered all over his face. On top of his forehead it seemed to have said 'I'M THE HERO'. On his left cheek it said 'IGGY' Then on his right, which Alfred had to climb on top of Arthur to possibly even draw anything on there lay a little stick figure man with a cape and a mask.  Underneath his nose there you saw two curly lines. One going on the left and the other going to the right.

Arthur blushing madly from all his rage and embarrassment. That one of his sons even had the audacity to draw on his face. So when he turns his attention to you for any support. He only sees you trying to contain yourself and not start rolling on the floor dying of laughter.

You tried, you really tried, but there was only so much you could take. Trying to keep a straight face, or for that matter even take Arthur seriously. You held Alfred in one hand and you used your other hand to better try and suppress your laughter.

Mathew although he to agreed that his papa's face did look very funny. Was able to sense the atmosphere better then you and Alfred. He saw that papa was less then happy about his appearance and the fact that you thought it was funny only seemed to make this situation worse.

Poor Mathew got scared, fearing that papa might explode by anger and you die of laughter. He holds on to the hems at the end of your dress. Burrows his face into your clothes and silently weeps. Knowing that he was too afraid to try and say something. "Pwease...Don't let mamma and papa explode and die. I don't wanna be alone." He kept shouting in his head.

Regaining your composure you feel a sudden tug at the end of your dress. You turn around and look to see little Mathew crying and trembling. (gasp)"What's wrong my petite Mathew" When Mathew finally looks up, you see little tears streaming out of his fragile eyes.

"(sniff) We-Well I-" Before little Mattie could even have a chance of finishing his sentence he was interrupted by your 'loving' husband.

"Ah *cough* we still have matters to attend to love*cough*.....Mostly being my face!"

Before going back and giving Arthur your full on attention. You had to take care of Mattie. The last thing that you ever wanted to see was one your children crying. So you decide that picking him up also would be the best solution.

Feeling better already, but still very much afraid. He lightly wraps his little arms around your neck. nuzzling your cheeks with his soft yellow hair. "'s ok my petite Mathew. There is nothing for you to worry about."

"But..." He looks right up at you with his soft violet eyes. Still teary from his crying. "Absolutely nothing. My little one" You said affectionately giving him one of your purest smiles.

He looks at you one more time admiring his mamma's beautiful face, feeling much more reassured. With one hand he wipes off his eyes and goes back to cradling your neck. enjoying the chance yet again being so close to you.

Knowing that his fear has been subdued. You turn your attention back to Arthur. Who has just forgotten what he was about to say and was just admiring you. Like he was only worthy enough to see you, but never allowed to touch. He loved everything about you. How someone's heart could be filled with so much kindness and compassion. "I am so very lucky to have met someone as loving as you. Sometimes though I feel doubt. Like this is all just a figment of my imagination. "

Arthur closes his eyes for a couple of seconds. Then very slowly opens them to revealing you still there very much real. Being gorgeous and caring as always. Forgetting everything that lead up to this moment, his only priority was to have you in his arms.

Without you noticing he slowly engulfs you in his arms making sure that he wouldn't accidently hit the little ones. Who were now falling asleep on you.

You didn't tense up or got surprised like he though you would. Instead you embraced it and you felt so much more relaxed when in his arms.

"To think, that I of all people would be so fortunate to meet such a gentleman like Arthur. He can't seem to stay angry for very long and even though he is not really good at showing his affection. I know that really cares. Even now, this small moment in our lives proves it."

Not letting this window of chance go to waste you say to him." Arthur, I know I tell you countless times, but I love you. Please, I don't want you to ever forget that." So true and heart endearing to your words.

Arthur couldn't be any happier. It was as if his own heart was doing back flips. Just those three very strange words that seemed so foreign and far away to him. Never allowed to feel and experience it ever again, but now he had you and his two sons. That was more then enough to make him feel whole again.

"Oh [name], although I barely ever tell you. I love you with all my hearts content. I would do any and everything for you love." He leans closer, so close that you feel his soft slow breathing getting closer and closer to your cheek. There he placed an ever so sweet and pleasant kiss. Forever making sure that you will never forget this special day.

~~~......~~~ Extended Ending ~~~......~~~

"huh? What?" Alfred says waking up from his little nap from something brushing up against his head. Rubbing the sleep out of is eyes he looks up to see maybe one of the most frightening thing he has ever woken up from. Unaware that he was choking the living life out of you. He grabs you neck and screams at the top of his lungs.



"I pwomise I won't steal anymore cookies in the kitchen!! I won't colow in daddy's books anymore!! I pwomise!! I pwomise!!!" Alfred screamed. Believing that Arthur was a monster and he was just having a scary nightmare.

As if things couldn't possibly get louder, poor little Mattie was beginning to wake up from his slumber. "huh? Mamma why is big bwother cry- ehhh!! A Monstew!!" Great, things went from bad to worse . Now Mathew was crying and burying his head back into your neck.

"Uh....dear...please...can't bre-"

"Ahhh! Am I really that scary?" Arthur says letting go of you and looking down at the ground somewhat gloomy and depressed. Believing that his own two sons were afraid of him even though he loves them. "I am scary aren't I?"

Wanting to comfort him and tell him that he was wrong, but sadly you couldn't. Manly due to the lack of air you were getting. " Oh Sweet Mary Lou please just somebody help me!" You were in too much pain to notice the once terrified and scared Alfred stop crying after what his daddy just said. He couldn't believe it, didn't he know that he loved him no matter how angry or scary he got. "What! Course not daddy. You can't just be a meanie sometimes." Alfred said giving him a big grin.

Arthur looks up to see his son smiling at him. Even after drawing on his face. It was almost impossible for him to stay angry at the energetic little fella. " that it huh?" Arthur humorously says. Then in a spit second  grabs Alfie from your grasp, finally able to breath properly again.

(GASP)"Oh thank goodness... thought for sure I was goner." After breathing in that sweet refreshing air you look up to see Arthur holding Alfred in the air. Not an inch of fear was shown on his adorable little face, he was having the time of his life. He even had his arms spread out in the air like he truly was flying. "Mommy!! Mommy!! I can fly!! I really am a superhero!!"

You wave showing that you were indeed watching his amazing flying skills. "Yes you are Alfie! You can be my superhero now!" Alfred's eyes gleamed with happiness. Finally he could be mommy's hero "Really?!?! Yeah! I'm the hero!"

" a hero..."

You hear little Mattie mumble. Seeing how much fun his brother was having. "Oh you do huh?". winking at him.

"What?" Surprised that you even heard him. "I mean..."

"Nope! Too late!." You playfully say. Before repositioning him so that he was on your back and his feet was safely secured in the middle of your arms. Then you started running, trying to catch up with Arthur and Alfred.

"Maple!! Mamma!! Mamma!! Look out for that leaf!! Ahhh look out for that pebble!!! Look out for that-"

"It's ok, I got you little hero." You say trying to encourage him that he was going to be fine. Little Mattie was too entranced by what you said, it took a minute to let the words really sink in.

"I'm...I'm a hero"

Not hearing anything from him awhile you start to worry "Petite Mathew are you-"

"Go that way!" He says pointing at different directions. You couldn't see him, but you could imagine him having a gigantic smile plastered on his face. He was enjoying the piggy back ride he was getting from his mamma. "Now go that way Mamma!! Faster! Faster!"

"I will petite Mathew."

"I love you mamma." He says trying to get closer to your cheek so that he may kiss you.

Alfred turns his head to see his little brother giving his mommy a kiss. Feeling left out and wanting his mommy to know how he feels toward her. He shouts "Wait Mommy! I love you to Mommy! I wanna give you a kiss to. Lower daddy lower!" Alfred says impatiently. Hoping his daddy would go faster so he could give his mommy a kiss to. You turn you head to feel a small pairs of lips giving you a small kiss.

"And I love you also [name]" Arthurs whispers to you before kissing you passionately on your lips.

"Ewww you only kiss mommy on the cheeks" Alfed says with a somewhat discomforting face. Mathew was only giggling, happy that everyone was getting along.

Finally it was your turn to say. "I will always love you all forever and always."

Yep, just another day in the Kirkland household.

Requested by :iconthemysteriouspoet:

During the process of writing this. This is how I felt

:icondizzyplz: + :icondestroyplz: + :iconheadacheplz: = :icongivingupplz:

Anyway I Just hope she likes it


OMG Never Got this many Fav's for anything!!!

Oh if you see any mistakes please let me know
Also hetalia is not owned by me
(sad face)
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